A kitchen can be not only a living space but a real life experience..

We have learned that to accompany the client towards this new vision is a key element in order to create innovative and lasting spaces.
Let's imagine the environments guiding your desires towards renewed perspectives, where the set of materials and elements pinpoint forms to be lived completely.
The kitchen of ideas
There are moments, during the natural course of time, in which the certainty of having a personal space has strength and virtue to relieve us from every day worries.

angelo vigano design
Angelo Viganò Tailor Kitchen
Tailor Kitchen
As for the form, the composition and the solutions our kitchens are flexible. Unique kitchens for moments that last over time.
The desire to bring from the personal vision to the planning together with a new concept of relationship between designer and customer gave us the possibility to create a permanent show room.
Projects & Contract
We make available to our clients all the experience we have gained throughout the years of research and activity in order to realize the best project.

angelo vigano design
Angelo Viganò Collezioni
Our collections are designed to improve the quality of an experience made to be lived . A synonym of extended luxory, elegance pleasure of aesthetics and efficiency.
Angelo Viganò was born in 1958 and has important collaborations with various companies in Brianza.

Angelo Vigano Azienda

Angelo Viganò

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